Contentment....the turtle that always wins the race

Now that is as boring a topic as one can pick.  Oh, but if only you knew how powerful it truly is.

When you are able to find and sustain this elusive discipline, your potential (especially financially speaking) is actually limitless.  Manny and I are fully aware that many of our friends (and family members) not only think we’re crazy, but even feel sorry for us.  Because we are choosing to be content with where we are now.  Only WE can see where we’re headed, for those around us it’s just plain sad.

Linoleum floors, tiny house, ugly carpet and 1950’s cabinets.  Oh the sacrifice!  The shame of renting in a land of homeowners who clearly feel they deserve to own (even if the payments are well over 33% of their take home income) can become overwhelming.  But only if you lose sight of the “WHY” (more on that on my next post).

Our business decisions are ruled by the same guideline and have garnered much the same reaction.  Why wouldn’t you finance the purchase of a much larger practice that would bring in so much more in revenues and profits!? Why limit the size of your purchase to how much cash you have on hand? Because we want slow, steady, DEBT FREE, consistent growth.  We put the safety of our future and the future of our team members before any potential fast pass. And more than anything, we are keenly aware of the fact that our clients, and how we are able to serve them, dictate the future strength of our company.  NOT how fast we start and grow.  Cash on hand and no debt will ensure that our business, our team members, our clients and our family will survive the next economic downturn.  And not just survive, but thrive.

Our second tax season survived!

We made it! This was RMD's second tax season but our first tax season in our new offices.  It feels like we're all grown up! Our move in July 2015 was scary and overwhelming but definitely a great decision. A big THANK YOU to all our clients for making this year's season as successful as it has been.

We feel so blessed to have amazing clients that are not only loyal but have referred us to their friends and family members and there is no greater compliment than that.  Manny has many years experience and truly loves what he does.  When we hear our clients' gratitude and see them come in with a frown at times and leave with a big smile on their face, it makes what we do so worth while. 

Owning your own business has many challenges but the rewards (and not just the monetary ones) far outweigh the costs.  We never take this for granted.  We were very intentional about starting this business debt free to ensure its stability and growth for many decades to come. It hasn't been very long, but we are able to take a few minutes today to reflect on the last 15 months.  

During these short months, we have more than doubled our revenues.  We have cut costs by over 20%.  We have built up retained earnings while keeping our working capital intact.  We have hired 2 new team members and plan to add a full time member later this year.  We started providing financial coaching services, giving the business a new revenue source with unlimited growth potential.  We became a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider for taxes and became the #1 ranked ELP in California and the U.S.  But above all, we have continued to learn and strive to be the best at what we do. Here's to what made all this possible...YOU!