Being vulnerable

You never cease to be vulnerable.  You never know when that next huge blow is going to strike.  It’s not about believing that you can never be knocked down.  It’s about believing that you will always get back up.

Despite our blessings and how many positives we’ve enjoyed in recent years, just this past week, our family faced another unexpected, terrifying blow.  Not the financial kind, but pretty darn scary and debilitating nonetheless.  So much so, I literally felt paralyzed (and that doesn’t happen often let me tell you).  It’s been a long time since I’ve questioned my ability to find a way out of a difficult time.  The loss of my babies would have to be the last time I remember feeling like this.

Fear can be so paralyzing it can change the course of your life; if you let it.  In fact, I believe most of us face a time (or two or three) in our lives when we allow fear to determine how the rest of our story plays out.

This latest blow has reminded me of something so important.  It’s OK to be vulnerable.  It’s not OK to let it knock you down.  Vulnerability opens us up to so much beauty in life and so many incredible experiences.  But if you find yourself in an unthinkable moment, acknowledge that you’ve been hit, lick your wounds, take note of what NOT to repeat, put on your armor, and begin your fight to stand up again.  Stand up for what matters to you, stand up for your dreams, stand up for your loved ones and remember that in every noble fight and struggle, God stands up for you.  And when at last that battle ends in victory, give yourself permission to be vulnerable again.