Are you CRAZY?

Absolutely! In more ways than you know.  When you don’t follow the status quo you are crazy; you are officially a weirdo.  I love being a weirdo and so should you.  Granted, I’ve always had a tendency to swim against the current. For as long as I can remember (ask my very frustrated parents) I’ve never liked to follow the rules and yes, I’ve been a weirdo in some “not so good ways”.  But if you’re not a weirdo yet, I strongly suggest you consider giving it a shot.

In America (and sadly in many places around the world at this point) being normal has become a sure-fire way to being completely miserable.  If you have no credit cards; you’re a weirdo.  If you have saved enough to pay for your kids’ college education; you’re a weirdo.  If you started saving for retirement the day you got your first job; you’re a weirdo.  If you tithe (or give any money to any cause for that matter); you’re a weirdo. If you graduated college debt-free; you’re a weirdo, if you live within your means; you guessed it, you’re a weirdo.

Will you please consider joining me?  I would SO love for all of you to be weird.  It’s hard.  It’s not fun….for a while.  It demands that you grow up.  It requires contentment, tough conversations with your kids (no, you do NOT need a cell phone!), becoming one with your spouse (AKA joint accounts) and yes, sometimes it requires driving a VERY ugly car and renting a “not so pretty” home in a not so nice part of town. 

It also requires that you find value in time spent with your 5-year old because she thinks you are the ultimate queen of the planet.  It requires cooking some "simple" dinners because it makes beautiful memories (and saves money).  It requires prayer time with your family every night so that no one forgets to be thankful for every blessing that comes your way.  It requires playing Monopoly and UNO over and over again because it’s cheaper than going to the movies, and camping because it’s cheaper than Legoland. 

Will you give it a try?  I promise less stress, more joy, more peace, a better future, a better legacy and incredibly strong bonds with the ones you love.  If nothing else, I guarantee your kids will thank you for it and you’ll sleep better at night.  Just be crazy; be weird.  I rest my case.

Photo by Nomadsoul1/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Nomadsoul1/iStock / Getty Images