As I’m blessed with more and more clients and I sit with them to change behaviors and plan for a great future I find myself reminding them about what really matters.  It’s the “WHY” in your life.  Why do you want to get out of debt?  Why do you want to save for retirement?  Why do you want to plan for your kids’ college? Why do you want to build a better business? Why do you work so hard?

We get so busy surviving.  So busy getting the kids from point A to point B. Busy figuring out what bills to pay, what’s for dinner and who’s wedding we need to buy a gift for this weekend that we stop thinking.  When are we supposed to just STOP and decide?  What is my “WHY”?  Don’t wait, make it TODAY!

When Manny and I were struggling to get out of our deep, deep hole, the “WHY” was simply because THIS SUCKS! As the light at the end of the tunnel became brighter and within our reach it made us realize that there was more to this than just getting out of debt, building up the cash, buying fancy things and feeling safe about the future. 

We sat down.  We stopped for a minute and started to dream.  We asked each other what our dream was.  We realized that our dreams don’t necessarily match up, but that in itself was so important.  We found out our differences but most importantly we found out what our dreams had in common. 

We got VERY specific.  We wanted to bless our family.  Beyond paying for our kids’ college education, teaching them about money and God, we came up with this idea that we would take all our children and their children (some day) to Disneyland for a whole week every year, at the nicest hotel, all expenses paid and get everyone matching pajamas and annual passports. 

We would donate to all the charities that matter to us (above and beyond our own church); service men and women, the fight against the disease that killed our son, the fight against teenage suicide, cancer and on and on. We wanted to take time alone and make memories that really mattered.

We would honor the business that we built and all our team members and clients by always putting them first and acknowledging what a crucial part they played in our ability to live our dreams.

To change the lives of others and not just our own.  That is our “WHY”.  The money has now become just a means to an end.  A beautiful, worthy and honorable end.