Don't stop believing

The turmoil that surrounds us can be close to home or thousands of miles away.  How we allow it to influence our decisions and our choices is up to us.  It’s hard to keep this in perspective when you are bombarded by news of terrorism, local senseless deaths and our own personal struggles.

Here’s my advice.  Don’t stop believing. In you. The day you stop believing you might as well give up.  And you’re not allowed to give up.  We keep investing in our families because we love them.  We keep investing in our faith because it feeds our spirit. We keep helping others because it changes our communities. We keep investing for our future because world wars, attacks on our freedom and Brexit have not been able to kill the market that has fluctuated for decades but just this past week hit record highs. DESPITE what others would have you believe.

I grew up in a place where terrorist attacks were a part of our “normal”. Waiting on the bus stop and hearing a bomb go off was sadly not unexpected.  Life went on.  We still celebrated birthdays, Christmas, weddings and everything that made life feel real.  We didn’t allow it to change us.  We never stopped believing. 

The world needs to be reminded of this.  I want to remind you that in the scheme of things, pain, suffering and struggles are temporary.  Allowing them to define us, to take over our every decision and choice is allowing that “thing” to defeat us.  It can be debt, it can be fear of the future, it can be job loss, it can be a broken heart, it can be violence.

As long and God gifts us with another day, another breath, it is our responsibility to honor that gift and be the best version of who we are.  Not perfect, just better.  In any and every way, every day.