I've only just begun

It's been a long time coming.  I've known for years that I wanted to help others through the same type of financial struggles we went through.  I knew that God had not blessed us and taught us what we learned just to benefit ourselves.  When we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel I was anxious to share with anyone and everyone that would listen, how we had done it.

At first, all I could come up with was buying books in bulk so I could give them away whenever someone casually mentioned their stress over money or credit cards they couldn't pay off, or student loans that had been around for decades.  

The second step was deciding to coordinate a Financial Peace University class at our church.  The funny thing is that we hadn't even taken the class ourselves, so it was great to see how this group accountability and support system worked so well to get motivated to make a change.  This class also helped to fill in the gaps and help clarify some details that we hadn't even considered before.

Throughout this process, I realized the importance of reading, listening to podcasts and actively learning more and more about what had become undoubtedly my passion.  I decided to teach a second FPU class and start a class for single moms that would help them like I wish I had been helped many years ago.  

Teaching made me even more curious and I wanted to be better able to answer some of the questions I would get from our students.  We had started RMD by then and our finances continued to improve, so I decided it was time to be trained by the best and I registered for the Master Financial Coach training in Nashville where I would learn from Dave Ramsey's team of coaches how to professionally do what I so badly wanted to do; help others get in the best possible financial shape.

Since completing the training and then a 3 month mentorship program, I have been offered the opportunity to be listed as a local coach on the Dave Ramsey website and now have the designation of Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach.  As of May 1st, I will have the opportunity to serve not just our existing clients and anyone looking for help through Dave Ramsey's team.  It's been a long time coming and yet, I have only just begun!