Our Story

Many moons ago, two young boys met in school and became best friends. They spent every waking minute together, sharing adventures, dreams and good and bad times. One of them was the BIG dreamer.

As they grew into young men, the dreamer came up with a plan; they would go to college together and both study accounting so some day they could own an accounting practice together and be partners forever. The dreamer was so determined that he even filled out the other friend's college application for him to just sign and submit. 

The two friends' names were Ramses and Manny. Ramses (the dreamer) was never able to see his dreams come true. At just 20 years old, a malignant tumor in his spine took him home to Heaven and Manny had to say goodbye to his lifelong friend. 

The years went by and Ramses' dream lived on in Manny's heart. Manny worked so hard and married a crazy lady named Dana.  In building their lives together, they never lost sight of the goal. This practice is the fruit of all that hard work. Manny finally made Ramses' dream come true. We've named our accounting practice RMD Financial Services. The R stands for Ramses; Manny and Dana’s partner in Heaven, the dreamer that started it all!